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Journey to Success

is the character-building program that binds together everything we teach, practice, and celebrate here at the Northeast Academy Arts Magnet School.

Built on the foundation of legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success, our program teaches all members of our school community to strive daily for their personal best. "Success is happiness in your heart because you made the effort, 100%, to do your best!"

Included in Coach Wooden's pyramid are essential character traits such as determination, friendship, self-control, and team spirit. With support from our partner Harper for Kids, Northeast Academy focuses its lessons and messages each month on one or two of these building blocks in the Pyramid of Success. In time, these blocks build up our students' understanding of what it really takes to fulfill their potential.

Harper for Kids is a children's nonprofit organization founded by Tim & Peanut Louie Harper. Its mission is to teach children the important life skills they need to achieve their personal best in life, and to help schools incorporate Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success into their character education.

We are excited about working with Harper for Kids to enhance our Journey to Success program at NEA — in and out of the classrooms.

Learn about legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.

Journey to Success Monthly Focus